02.18.2019Alexis Thompson

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Growth Expert

361 Southwest Drive Suite #731 Jonesboro, AR 72401

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Running a website like roberto-quintero.net is a lot like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

You promote, get website visitor, they drop out... you promote, get more website visitors, they drop out...

But today I wanted to address the "leaky bucket" effect that keeps website owners and online businesses running on a treadmill without reaching their income goals.

I've identified 5 ongoing challenges that can keep you from reaching your business goals with your online business offering.

Ongoing Challenge 1: Attracting Leads and Getting People to Opt-In

In order to sustain your website and sell your product, you need people who are interested enough to actually consider your offers.

Building an engaged list of subscribers is the key here... but did you know there's a way your website can help you with that?

Ongoing Challenge 2: Converting Leads into Happy Paying Customers

Once you've figured out a way to get more people to join your email list, you need to tell them about your paid product and offerings in a way that converts.

The standard email marketing funnel works... but if they don't buy, there are more organic ways to get them to purchase your paid offerings right inside your website.

Ongoing Challenge 3: Having a Leaky Checkout Experience & Losing Out On Sales

Once you've done all of the hard work of getting people to say yes to your paid offerings... you definitely don't want to lose out on sales by having a leaky checkout experience.

Statistics show that 77% of people who click the “Buy Now" button never complete their order, but there's a way to recoup these sales.

Ongoing Challenge 4: Increasing Return Customers and Recurring Revenue

Once you've got customers... your job is done, right? Not so fast!

You can offer more solutions, products, and ongoing access to these same customers over time... because the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% and the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Ongoing Challenge 5: Customers Who Fall Off The Wagon and do not buy

Customer retention is key to the long-term success of your website. But it's normal for customers to fall off the wagon, get busy, and stop logging into your website.

Or is it?

If you use smart nurturing strategies, you can keep your customers engaged and actively benefitting from your website to reduce drop offs and refunds.

How our software overcomes each of these ongoing challenges:

These are real challenges that never seem to go away...

I know because I've been there myself. I've put in thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring out what works, what doesn't, and how to fill my own website over the past 10 years.

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When targeting website visitors, speed is essential - there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a website visitors is contacted within 30 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

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Thanks so much for reading - and next time I'll be talking about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to technology! (You might be surprised about this one.)

With appreciation,
-Eric "simplifying tech" Jones

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12.07.2018Emmanuel Solano

Hey man, I hope this message finds you well! I was wondering if you’d be available for lessons? Let me know!

11.26.2018Jasmine Johnson

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361 Southwest Drive Suite #731 Jonesboro, AR 72401

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Bud I like your music but you should make it more accessible for people to hear you before you make someone buy something. I came to your website but it immediately steered me to ‘buy’ your songs without giving me the chance to listen to your songs first.

That beautiful said - you sound like an amazing musician and I’m sure you will do great! Wish you the best


hi guys i am new here and need to know what i can post here? i have been searching blogs on different things and went through blog.advids.co. They have all subject related blogs and articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look goo.gl/MbEiW6

06.14.2017Julio César

Maestro Robert, con afecto presentamos:
JULIO CESAR (álbum cantautor)
«El Alma En Un Microscopio»🔬
iTunes: https://itun.es/us/AufJjb Namasté!


cost for a party? located pougjkeepsie ny 1 1/2 from nyc upstate . please call 845-518-0703

05.16.2017Stephan Falkensteiner

I´m a drum/percussion teacher from Italy.
I bought your dvd "Modern Congas", i find it great and much inspirating!
Great playing and good explanation!
My question is,isn´t there a booklet in the dvd?
Or is it simply missing?

All the best

05.16.2017Stephan Falkensteiner

I´m a drum/percussion teacher from Italy.
I bought your dvd "Modern Congas", i find it great and much inspirating!
Great playing and good explanation!
My question is,isn´t there a booklet in the dvd?
Or is it simply missing?

All the best

03.04.2017Mary Maldonado

Hola Robert!!! Te he buscado hasta que D's me ayudo a encontrarte yo soy Mary la exahijada de Sharo baldriche que te hacia los taxes , necesito hablar contigo si puedes, pero te agradeceria que si te hablas aun con ella "te lo ruego " que no le digas ,no quiero que sepa nada, disculpa que te moleste por este medio mi telefono es 786.2815432 sino te atiendo mandame un text diciendo que eres tu... aparte de todo me alegro que sigues exitoso en tu passion la musica ... que sigas brillando

02.10.2017Jorge Diez

Hola Robert, Estoy interesado en Congas, Bongo private lessons. Vivo en Jersey y trabajo en NYC. Me gustaria saber location y rates. Gracias.

01.16.2017<h1>sa</h1> <marquee>as sa</marquee>


as sa

06.10.2016Tafita RAKOTO RABARIJOEL

Hello Roberto ,
I am a singer musician who comes from Madagascar . I appreciate your work and wish you a great success in everything you do.
Here is an excerpt from my album in youtube:

02.28.2015Alex Britez

Hi Robert,
My name is Alex Britez, and I am scouring the web to find someone that teaches hand percussion. I've always had a love for congas and bongos, but have never been able to take lessons, but hoping to start soon. If you are open to teaching beginner lessons would you be able to give me an idea on cost and location?

01.25.2015Susie Hammaker


I live in Baltimore and got your name from a Maryland jazz website. Do you offer bongo drum lessons in Maryland?

Susie Hammaker

11.25.2014Alex Vaillant

Hello, I am currently a student at West Chester University of PA. Last year, you played with our latin jazz ensemble and big band at the International Trumpet Festival in May. I played vibraphone for the latin jazz ensemble. I'm looking to further my latin jazz interests. I would like to start my own salsa group in West Chester. Over the past year and a half, I have been getting a feel for latin percussion interests, but I'd like to take the next step, taking private lessons with a professional. Are you available to give private lessons during December to January? I live in Bayonne, NJ (North Jersey) during those months.


Hey Roberto....hope all is well with you. We met a few years ago at the Jazz Standard. Man, I'm a real fan of your playing and technique. I would like to undertake some private study with you. I live in the Bronx. Please let me now if you would consider having me a s a private student. 917 572-5569

09.22.2013Miguel Hernández

Hola mi querido Robert,
Recibe un gran abrazo y muchas bendiciones, te escribo para darte la buena nueva de que me aprobaron la Visa O1, gracias al Señor, espero estar por tarde hacia mediados de noviembre en Miami, tomandote la palabra, ojalá podamos diseñar el plan de trabajo para hacer las clínicas que conversamos y si es posible consolidar el proyecto de Afrovenezuelan Jazz Project, por otro lado, por demás decirte que cuentas conmigo para tu proyecto y ojala me puedas recomendar para que podamos tocar juntos en otros proyectos.
Nuevamente mil gracias por tu apoyo y amistad recibida.
Un abrazo. Por favor avisame si leiste este email.
Miguel Hernández

08.19.2013Sergio Abalos (guitarrista argentino)

Hola Robert!! te acordás? conversamos después del show del Sesc Pompéia en São Paulo. Te estaba buscando para entrar en contacto. Espero que te gusten el demo, (está sin mix, ni edición, nada...está totalmente crudo, pero lo que se suena da una idea de mi propuesta musical) gracias por escuchar.



I saw you on the Digitech web sight and wondered if you engaged Hand Drums with their Looper pedal technology. I see you there, but left them off your endorsement page.

I love "drums", many instruments, and just now engaging looper technology, their Looper -- so thought to ask YOU :-)

Many thanks,
(Yes, my "real" online name -- sorry never use my real one any more online.)

03.03.2013Miles Bould

Fantastic playing, much respect, great to see you with Gon Bop. I just signed up also and i'm very proud to join.

08.18.2012David Serrano (Catire de San Agustin) Caracas Venezuela

Que Paso Robert es Catire tengo un timbal que me hizo papa para tiranos un mano a mano cuando tengas la oportunidad..
exitos mi hermano..
sigue colocando el nombre de Venezuela en Alto ..

08.15.2012Michael Molina

hace mucho tiempo yo te conoci cuando tocaba con Timbalaye en NYC. Una pregunta, tu tenia o tienes unas congas rojas LP de patato. No pesanban nada, muy libiano. Donde yo puedo consequir una pare? Si puedes ayudar, mis congas son fiberglass pero pesan mucho pa estar calgando de guiso a guiso. Gracias.

02.03.2012mark marquez

Hello , I've enjoyed watching your videos and listening to all of your recordings. Could you tell me what congas you were playing, on the ralph irazzari recordings you did with him, lp fiberglass or gon bop wood congas? synthetic or real skins ? thank you so much for your gifted playing. mark

01.06.2012Luis Raúl Montell

Hermano saludos Usted suena sabroson en Jazz Caribe con "Transmission". Aviseme cuando venga a Caracas para reunirnos y entrevista para radio y web.
¡¡Amor y Jazz!!,
Luis Raúl Montell

11.30.2011gustavo ibañez


09.05.2011Barbara (oN)

The highly honored Ten time Grammy nominee and four time Grammy winner Roberto Quintero a renown percussionist performer, producer and arranger of jazz, latin jazz and simpronic music is in search of an agent in South Florida.

He constantly tours and enjoys performing in the US, Carribbean & Europe.

Transmissions is Quintero’s latest twelve track CD independently released (Robert’s Music) in July 2011 and is now available in http://cdbaby.com http://amazon.com, http://itunes.com.

His independently produced and released CD is titled “Transmissions". With this title Quintero is compelled to share the history and significance of these deeply rooted traditions. In Africa, percussion instruments were used to create sounds and transmit messages from earth to the heavens.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela into a respected and acclaimed musical family he was heavily surrounded and influenced by Afro-Venezuelan and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Quintero joined the popular music ensembles Grupo Madera and Oscar D'Leon, where he enjoyed widespread worldwide exposure demonstrating his multi facetic skills, talented on the bongo drums, djembe, timbales and a wide variety of assorted percussion instruments.

Please Go to http://roberto-quintero.net/live

You can contact Roberto at Robert_Quin@hotmail.com to discuss his near and long term visions including his local performances in the South Florida area.

07.31.2011Harry Melchior

hello there,

I working on the programm/playlist creation for the Swissgroove webradio channel

&…ever I look for quality new tunes & grooves


by interest you can send promo CD(s) over to europe

postal service only > no fedex!!

Harry Melchior
Postfach 361
4008 Basel

best regards
harry/swissgroove audiochannel

Harry Melchior
Musikredaktor SwissGroove Webradio

Welcome to SwissGroove webradio, where one feeling dictates the sound day and night - The Love for music. Internetradio at its best - made in Switzerland

Welcome to SwissGroove webradio, where one feeling dictates the sound day and night - The Love for music. Internetradio at its best - made in Switzerland

07.12.2011Alviemar Chavez

Epa papa el facebook dice que ya tienes muchas solicitudes de amistad!!! hahaha Por eso te escribo por aqui Soy amigo de Fernando Ramirez te conocí en una parrillada... Y quería saber de las clases... es que tengo una amiga que le gusta la percusión y quiere una máster clase que me gustaría regalarle o si das clases regulares ponerla en contacto contigo... un abrazo y que sigan los éxitos!!!

06.02.2011leycester licon

saludos robert tremenda tu pagina hermano que sigas triunfando


eres lo maximo full exitos por siempre



01.17.2011luis jimenez "luio"


01.14.2011Wilmer lozano

Sencillamente que Dios y Orula sigan bendiciendo tu talento para que sigas poniendo el nombre de Venezuela tan alto ashe para ti hermano